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Important : Please read below for applicants who are unable to register online.

The following steps must be taken before we can process your application

  1. Please download both the Application and Recommendation form. The Application form (A1) and two Recommendation forms (B1) must be filled in completely. Answer every question as explicitly as possible within the spaces provided.
  2. Two clear, recent passport-size photographs must be submitted. Forms without photographs will not be accepted.
  3. Provide a photocopy of your passport (for international students)/NRIC (for Singaporean students) as well as a photocopy of your certificate and result transcript of your highest standard passed.
  4. Please pay a non-refundable registration fee of $53.50 (w/GST) Singapore dollars. Please use a crossed bank cheque or post office money order made payable to “City Harvest Church”. Payment can also be made through our donation portal.
  5. City Harvest Church must receive your Recommendation forms before we can process your application. We suggest therefore, that you urge your recommending referees to be expedient and thorough in completing and returning the forms.

Submission of your application does not constitute automatic admission to School Of Theology. You will be contacted for an interview with one of our church pastors. Until you have received the emailed letter of acceptance from us, you are advised not to give the notice of resignation to your employers. Please allow 7 to 14 days for processing after your application has been submitted. We will notify you via email or phonecall regarding the outcome of your application. Please be reminded to send your application as soon as possible, as the closing date is 15 January 2017 (International Students), 31 January 2017 (Local Students). Thank you once again for your interest in School Of Theology.