Code of Honour

The Code of Honour is the central criterion of conduct for all who are part of the School of Theology (SOT) community. It is a concept of personal honour based on the principles of integrity, common sense, reverence for God, esteem for humankind, and respect for social and spiritual laws. It is assumed that those deemed worthy of admission to the school already exemplify these integral facets of the Christian character.

The Code of Honour Pledge

In signing the Code of Honour, I fully recognise that School of Theology (SOT) was founded to be and is committed to being a Christian religious ministry and that it offers a lifestyle of commitment to Jesus Christ of Nazareth as personal Saviour and Lord and as an integral part of its evangelistic outreach. It is therefore my personal commitment to be a person of integrity in my attitude and have respect for what the school is in its Christian calling.

  1. I PLEDGE to apply myself wholeheartedly to my intellectual and creative pursuits and to use the full powers of my mind for the glory of God.
  2. I PLEDGE to grow in my spirit by developing my own relationship with God.
  3. I PLEDGE to cultivate good relationships socially with others and to seek to love others as I love myself. I will not lie; I will not steal; I will not curse; I will not be a talebearer. I will not cheat or plagiarise; I will do my own academic work and will not inappropriately collaborate with other students on assignments.
  4. I PLEDGE to keep my total being from all immoral and illegal acts and habits, whether in or outside school. To this end, I will not take any illegal drugs; I will not commit illicit sexual acts; I will be free from alcoholism and smoking. I will not engage in other behaviour that is contrary to the rules and regulations of the school that are listed in the student handbook.
  5. I PLEDGE to maintain an integrity of “openness” to God’s claims on my life and to do my utmost to know and follow His will for my life.
  6. I PLEDGE to attend the house of worship of my choice wherever God is honoured and lifted up.
  7. I PLEDGE to abide by the rules and regulations that may from time to time be adopted by the school administration. I understand SOT is a private centre, and I therefore have no vested rights in the governing of the school. I accept my attendance at SOT as a PRIVILEGE and NOT a right, and that the school reserves the right to require the withdrawal of a student at any time if in the judgment of the Principal, such action is deemed necessary to safeguard SOT’s ideals of sponsorship or the spiritual and moral atmosphere of it as a Christian school.

I will keep the Code of Honour carefully and prayerfully. I understand that my signature is my acceptance of the entire Code of Honour and completes a contract between me and SOT, which is a prerequisite for graduation or my continued association with the school and becomes a part of my permanent file. Further, my acceptance of the Code of Honour is a solemn vow and promise to God as to how I will live my life.