Estimated Expenses

The following provides a rough estimation of living costs in Singapore and is calculated based on a student’s average journey to and from the school as well as basic meals. Please note that it is only a guide and may vary according to the individual’s expenditure.

Student’s Pass Related Fees SGD$230 – SGD$300
(Not including extensive check-up and vaccination if required by the doctor)
Logos Digital Library (Reference Books for Assignments) SGD$338
Accommodation (Depending on your selection and availability) SGD$600 – SGD$1,000 (Per month)
Water and Electricity Bills (Depending on usage) SGD$50 – SGD$120 (Per month)
Food and Transportation SGD$20 – SGD$30 (Per day)
Medical Fees SGD$30 – SGD$40 (Per visit)
Normal Haircut SGD$15 – SGD$30 (Per visit)
Phone Bills SGD$30 – SGD$40 (Per month)
Mission Trip SGD$100 – SGD$400 (Per trip)