Indemnity Agreement

I declare that I will, to the best of my ability, bear a good testimony as an ambassador of Christ, which from time to time may include submitting to an appointed Team Leader, through my attitude, action and speech throughout my Advanced Certificate of Theology programme (referred to as the “Programme”), and hereby agree to assume all risks arising out of or in connection to my participation (“Participation”) in this Programme.

To the fullest extent permitted by law, I hereby:

  1. release, waive and forever discharge City Harvest Church (“CHC”), School of Theology (“SOT”) and its staff, management, officers, leadership, agents, representatives, consultants, volunteers and affiliates whether in Singapore or overseas (collectively referred to as “Releasees”) from any and all liability whatsoever;
  2. covenant not to bring any claim against the Releasees, for any loss, damage or injury (including death), suffered by me arising out of or in connection with the Programme, including but not limited to losses arising out of travel delays, loss of or damage to any property owned by me including loss of money, howsoever caused; and
  3. undertake to fully indemnify and keep harmless the Releasees against all losses, actions, costs, claims, demands and liabilities (including full legal costs) arising out of or in connection to the Participation.

In accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act 2012, I give my consent to CHC to:

  1. collect, use and disclose my personal data, for the purpose of organising and facilitating the Programme;
  2. notify and contact me regarding the Programme and other CHC-related events and activities via calls, text messages, post and emails;
  3. disclose my personal data to hotels, tour operators and such other persons as may be necessary for the purpose of organising and facilitating the Programme;
  4. disclose my personal data in the event of any medical exigencies or emergencies to hospitals, doctors, nurses and medical staff, as may be necessary for the purposes of attending to any medical treatment or emergencies; and
  5. use, disclose and retain my photographs, voice, likeness and image for internal and external publicity purposes through mediums, including but not limited to, printed materials, electronic publications, websites and social media platforms.

I am aware that I may update my personal data and/or withdraw the consent provided by me at any time by contacting I am aware that CHC’s Personal Data Protection Policy and details of how my personal data will be used are available at

I confirm that I have obtained the relevant consent of the Emergency Contact whose personal information I have disclosed in this agreement, such that CHC may contact him/her in the event of emergency.

I agree that if any portion of this agreement is held invalid, illegal or unenforceable, the remainder of this agreement shall remain valid and enforceable.

This agreement is governed by and shall be construed in accordance with the laws of Singapore. The Singapore Courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction to hear any dispute arising out of or in relation to this agreement.

** If Participant is below 18 years of age, the Consent Agreement is to be completed by a Parent/Legal Guardian instead of this Indemnity Agreement.