Hear From Us

Dear Friends,

Whenever God issues a call, He looks for history makers. He found 20 of them on 7 May 1989. These young people had nothing more than hearts bursting with expectation as they gathered together that day to start City Harvest Church (CHC). They were responding to the seed of a vision God had dropped into my heart in 1986—to raise up a whole new generation of believers who will impact the nations for Jesus. We believe that God wants to grow a church that is Christlike, full of faith and the Holy Spirit.

God wants to move through local churches to bring revival and blessing to the world; hence, our desire is to see strong local churches built to fulfil God’s plan. That is the heartbeat of the School of Theology (SOT). We long to see not only more workers sent out to fulfil God’s purposes, but also trained workers, who are anointed carriers of God’s Spirit wherever they go.

As you read this, you need to ask yourself these questions:

“Am I trained?”
“Am I equipped to be a worker of the kingdom both in the church and in the marketplace?”

My prayer is that you will be inspired to see SOT as the answer to these questions. I pray that you will consider enrolling in our training programme because your time at SOT will transform your life.

Your dear friend,

Kong Hee
School of Theology

In 1994, God spoke to Pastor Kong Hee to build Him a Bible school to train and raise up pastors and leaders in Asia, and in turn, strengthen local churches. Hence, we started City Harvest School of Theology (SOT) in our humble church office in a shophouse located at Mackenzie Road. We persevered. To date, more than 8,000 students from 41 different nations have graduated from SOT.

God is faithful and His Word will never return to Him void. The vision of SOT has become a reality and is still growing by the grace of God. It has been an adventurous journey in the Lord as we continue to grow and raise up more workers for His kingdom. Our desire is to see not just more workers being sent out to fulfil God’s purposes, but trained workers, deployed to be carriers of God’s Spirit wherever they go, building strong local churches all over the globe, and bringing revival to every city.

My prayer is that you will prayerfully consider coming to SOT. I am confident that your life will be transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit!

Yours for revival,

Bobby Chaw
School of Theology