In SOT, we place strong emphasis on the total character development of our students. We believe that though a man’s gift may bring him to the top, it is his character that will keep him there. The rules and regulations established are meant to build discipline and integrity in the students’ lives.

    1. Punctuality For Classes And Activities
      1. SOT students’ clock-in time:
        Monday to Friday
        8am For students who are on Ministry Team Duty that week (Monday).
        8.15am For students who are on Ministry Team Duty that week (Tuesday to Friday).
        8.45am For remaining students who are NOT on duty.
      2. Late-coming will be monitored and should a student accumulate more than 30 minutes of late-coming, he/she will be required to carry out 1 session of late-coming duty.
      3. Recurrent late-coming will affect the student’s eligibility for graduation as it reflects a lack of discipline and integrity in the student.
    1. SOT Classes, Seminars And Other Activities
      1. All lectures are conducted at SOT Lecture Halls within CHC’s Jurong West premises.
      2. To graduate, students are required to attend at least 80% of all SOT Classes.
      3. Students are to participate in all Church-wide Seminars, Prayer Meetings, Cell Group Meetings and Weekend Services, as well as to participate in one overseas Mission Trip within the academic year.
      4. Students are required to clock at least 3 hours of practical ministry every week. This will be assessed weekly by the respective Ministry Heads.
      5. In the event that any student needs to leave class sessions during official school hours, he/she may approach the Staff in the SOT Office to obtain an Off Pass.
    2. Medical Leave
      1. Students are allowed a maximum of 10 days medical leave with authorised medical certification, during the course of the year. Exceptions to this will only be considered when a student suffers from a chronic or prolonged sickness as certified by a medical practitioner.
      2. Students who need to be excused from school should inform Ms. Evangelyn Sim personally by 8.15am. Failure to do so will result in appropriate disciplinary action.
      3. Students must apply leave and upload their medical certificates on the Student Portal promptly.
      4. Sick leave will NOT be granted without the support of Medical Certificates.
    3. Provisional/Urgent Leave
      1. Students are only allowed to take provisional/urgent leave from school for the following reasons:
        • Urgent family crises
        • Non-negotiable work obligations

        Provisional leave application will have to be submitted three days in advance on the Student Portal, subject to approval.

      2. Urgent leave (less than three days) is only permitted for emergency cases. Students will need to inform Ms. Evangelyn Sim via phone for approval and submit their online leave application within the day of application.
    1. Payment of Course Fees
      1. All students are to pay their course fees by the 5th DAY of every month.
      2. A total of 21 days in the accumulation of late payment throughout the course may result in suspension from the entire programme.
      3. Students with any outstanding payment (Course fees, Hostel fees & Student’s Pass fees) will not be allowed to participate in the graduation ceremony.
      4. Students with outstanding payment will have their graduation certificates withheld till their payment is completed. Such students will need to pay within one month of graduation to be eligible for certificate collection.
    1. No Audio and Video Recording
      Due to copyright issues and respect for personal privacy, students are NOT allowed to record SOT lectures and other SOT related activities on your personal electronic devices.
    2. No Reproducing of Course Materials in any form
      Due to copyright issues and respect for the original writer, students are NOT allowed to reproduce, store in a retrieval system, or transmit the course materials in any form or by any means—for example, electronic, photocopy, recording—without the prior written permission of the publisher. Books can be purchased from The Ink Room (TIR) book store.
    1. Submission of Assignments
      1. All assignments are to be submitted by the given deadlines. 3% of the total grade awarded will be deducted for each day of late submission.
      2. Students found to have plagiarised or inappropriately collaborated with other students on assignments will face disciplinary action.
      3. Students are to submit their assignments via the Student Portal.
    1. Absent from Examinations
      1. Students who are absent on any given examination day without a valid reason may not be given an alternative date for examination. Such students may not attain any marks for that portion of the course or the entire course itself. This will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by Pastor Tan Kim Hock or Ms. Cindy Ng.
      2. Students who are absent due to medical reason have to produce a Medical Certificate to be given an alternative date for examination.
    2. Re-Examination
      A re-examination may be conducted for students who fail. However, the highest attainable grade in any re-examination is the passing mark.
    1. General Attire for Class
      1. Monday to Friday
        Smart casual:
        Polo-shirts and collared shirts are allowed. Full-length trousers (including jeans) with a belt are allowed. Socks and shoes are allowed.
        Casual shorts and bermudas are not allowed. Flip-flops are not allowed.
        Ladies: Visible natural make-up.
      2. Weekend Services and Conference Days
        Dressing should be according to the service attire for that day.The general rule of thumb is to look neat, smart, decent, professional, presentable, and sharp in appearance and conduct!
    2. Name Tags
      1. Students are required to wear their name tags during all SOT and church-related activities while within the church premises, in the Suntec Administrative Office and conference venues. This is for the purpose of identification. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action.
      2. Missing name tags must be replaced, and will cost S$15 (with GST) for each replacement. Each replacement lanyard will cost S$1.50 each.
    1. Courtesy and Demeanour
      1. Students are to be respectful and polite toward the pastors and leadership appointed over them in SOT and in City Harvest Church. All students are strongly encouraged to address all pastors by their titles whenever they meet.
      2. Brothers are to exercise appropriate courtesy toward sisters at all times. This includes opening doors for them, helping them to carry heavy things, using the appropriate tone of speech when speaking to them, and sending them home when it is late at night.
    2. Cleanliness
      1. As good stewards of God, all students should take responsibility to maintain the cleanliness of the premises. This also applies to students who are staying in student hostels.
      2. Food and beverage consumption is prohibited during lessons. Only plain drinking water and mints are allowed. No chewing gum is allowed within school premises.
      3. Students are required to carry out area cleaning and physical arrangement in their Ministry Teams. This includes preparing the hall for lessons and cleaning up general areas.
    3. Expected Conduct and Behaviour
      1. Students are expected to cultivate good social relationships with others. As our attitude determines our altitude, all students will be assessed not only in their academic performance, but also in their attitudes and ability to work in a team.
      2. Students are expected to set an example in their personal lifestyle that includes sexual purity, not being involved in questionable relationships, and freedom from vices such as alcoholism, drunkenness, smoking and substance abuse of any form.
      3. Students are to develop good relational habits, always seeking to demonstrate God’s love to one another. Thus, they should not be found cursing, gossiping or slandering.
      4. In SOT, we strongly embrace the biblical virtues of integrity and honesty. Any student found engaging in improper sexual activities or/and caught lying, cheating, extorting, being drunk, smoking, abusing drugs, and/or using profanities in their course of study, in or outside of the church premises, may face IMMEDIATE EXPLUSION.
      5. Students SHOULD NOT go around borrowing money from fellow students and church members. If you have any financial difficulties, please speak to the SOT staff.
      6. Student’s Pass holders are NOT ALLOWED to work in Singapore during their course of study. Students are strictly not allowed to engage in any form of employment, whether paid or unpaid. Unless he/she has a written consent from the Controller of Immigration, he/she is not allowed to be in any business, profession or occupation in Singapore during the validity of his/her Student’s Pass. Violators will be prosecuted by law.


  1. 守时
    1. 上课及活动之时间要求
      1. SOT学生签到时间:
        8am 该周负责值日之学生(星期一)
        8.15am 该周负责值日之学生(星期二至五)
        8.45am 其他无需值日之学生
      2. 我们将监督所有迟到纪录并累积计算。凡迟到时间累积至三十分钟,学生将需完成额外的服事。
      3. 持续性迟到,将影响学生毕业资格,因其反应出该学生缺乏端正纪律。
  2. 出席
    1. SOT课程、研习会、及相关活动
      1. 所有课程将在城市丰收教会之城市丰收神学院教室中举行。
      2. 学生需出席至少80%之神学院课程。
      3. 学生必须在学年内参与所有全教会研习会、祷告会、小组聚会及周末崇拜,而且也必须参与一次短宣。
      4. 学生每周至少必须参与三小时之服事实习,并由各事工负责人给予评算。
      5. 若学生需要在正式上课时间离堂,学生可到SOT办公室索取请假单。
    2. 病假
      1. 学生在学年中的病假日期最多不可超过十天,并须具医生证明申请病假。若患有慢性或长期性疾病的学生,经医生诊断证明后,可不在此限。
      2. 学生若需请假,须在销假当日亲自在早上8点15分前通知沈凤娇女士。若有违反,将面临纪律处分。
      3. 学生必须尽快在学生园地请假以及上传病假单。
      4. 在没有病假单为证的情况下,病假将不获批准。
    3. 事假/紧急假期
      1. 除非有下列因素,否则不得向校方申请事假:
        • 紧急家庭危机
        • 无法延缓之工作任务


      2. 紧急事假(少于三天通知)须因紧急事故发生方能申请。学生必须以电话通知沈凤娇女士,获得核可方能请假。学生须在销假当日上网至学生园地呈交线上请假单。
  3. 学费
    1. 缴交学费
      1. 所有学生之学费须于每月五号前缴交学费。
      2. 费用迟交超过二十一天者(全课程累计),即以自动退学论。
      3. 学生若拖欠任何费用(学费、宿舍费与学生签证费用),将不获允许参加毕业典礼。
      4. 拖欠任何费用的学生,在完成所有付款之前将无法领取毕业证书。这些学生必须在毕业后的一个月内付款才能有资格领取证书。
  4. 版权事宜
    1. 不可录制音频与视频
    2. 不可以任何方式复制课程资料
  5. 作业
    1. 缴交作业
      1. 所有作业须准时缴交,迟交者每迟交一天将扣作业成绩总分之3%。
      2. 被发现抄袭或与其他学生进行不适当合作的学生将面临纪律处分。
      3. 学生须透过学生园地来缴交作业。
  6. 考试
    1. 缺考
      1. 学生须出席每一场考试,若无正当理由无故缺考,不再有补考的机会。该生该课程或整科将不予计分。陈金福传道黄向珲女士也将做个案审核考量。
      2. 因为医疗缘故而缺考的学生须出示病假单,才能获得补考的日期。
    2. 重考
  7. 服装
    1. 上课之一般服装规定
      1. 星期一至星期五
      2. 周末崇拜和特会
    2. 名牌
      1. 学生不论在教会场地、教会新达城行政办公室或特会地点参与所有课程或教会相关活动时,均须佩带名牌以资识别。若有违反,将面临纪律处分。
      2. 名牌遗失需申请补发,每一名牌之费用为新币$15(包含7%消费税),带子另外收费新币$1.50。
  8. 学生言行
    1. 礼节与品行
      1. 学生应对SOT以及城市丰收教会中的牧师以及委任在他们之上的领袖保持尊重与礼貌的态度。我们强烈鼓励所有学生在面见牧师的时候,以其头衔来称呼他们。
      2. 在任何时候,弟兄应向姐妹表现出应有的礼仪;像是开门、提重物、说话的语气、以及在晚归时送姊妹回家。
    2. 保持清洁
      1. 作为神的好管家,学生需担待起维持环境清洁的责任。住宿学生宿舍的学生也亦是如此。
      2. 上课时禁止任何饮食,只有白开水和薄荷糖可以带进教室。校内不可嚼食口香糖。
      3. 学生将以服事小组为单位,共同做区域清洁及环境整理的工作,包括上课教室之预备、整理公共区域,例如电梯大厅、咖啡厅等。
    3. 一般行为与态度
      1. 学生应与他人建立良好的社交关系。态度决定了我们的深度。因此,学生除了在学术表现上得评估之外,其态度与团队精神都将列入评分标准。
      2. 我们要求学生在个人生活方面树立良好的模范,包含纯洁的性生活、无可指摘的交友关系、不酗酒、不醉酒、不抽烟、或其他任何形式的成瘾滥用。
      3. 学生应培养良好的互动习惯,并应时常向他人表现神的爱;因此,在任何时候都不可口出咒诅、是非、或诽谤的言语。
      4. 城市丰收神学院非常强调圣经中的美德与诚实。若有任何人被发现有不正当性行为、撒谎、欺骗、勒索、酗酒、抽烟、吸食毒品之情况,或在教会内、教会外、课程中、课程外有口出亵渎言语之情形,可立即遭退学处分
      5. 学生不应四处向其他同学或会友借钱。若有任何经济困难,请与神学院同工联系。
      6. 持有学生证者在就学期间,禁止在新加坡工作。学生严格禁止从事任何形式的工作(无论是受薪或无薪)。除非拥有移民厅的书面同意书,否则在学生准证的有效期间,学生禁止在新加坡从事任何商业、专业或职业工作。任何违反者将移送法办。